The Blue Eyed Boy

Bone tired as i was after a very long day, the arduous tasks of which left me totally drained. So before the rigor mortis would set in I needed to read my bible ‘India:From Midnight To The Mellinium’. I dosed off hugging it close.

My assistant brought in a file for the next patient, one Dr Neel referred by Dr Bhalchandra Ganpati with the chief complaint of seeing things that others failed to see.I was intrigued by this unusual complaint and asked my assistant to let the patient in.

As this celestial being walked in I literally fell off the chair and my heart refused to beat.I was charmed by his beatific smile and entranced by his persona.His deep but mellifluous voice still reverbrates in my ears.And what do i say about his eyes,the color of which, I with my limited capacity cannot describe.Were they blue or were they green or jade or hazel.They held in them a promise,they conveyed immense love and compassion.

As I peek into those eyes an entire life pans out before me.I see a young , thin ,weezing and breathless boy ,with eyes too big for his face, hungrily devouring his books at an amazing speed.He morphs into a Greek God (or Indian should I say) whose magical words hold immense power to heal wounded souls. He grows up to be a truly handsome and equally brilliant young man who rose to the helm of a career in diplomacy only to be eclipsed by another Moon.

The allure of his motherland becons for him to return.Actually he had never left his motherland,she always reflected in all his writings which were always flavoured with Indian spices and condiments.The pull was too strong to resist and he finally embarked on a return journey.

Once back he decided to represent his people and they in turn showed complete faith in his abilities, his wisdom and his acumen.He silenced his detractors with his oratory skills, his vast experience and erudition .He’s a man who knows how to weild his pen to his advantage and does not need to get offensive to silence his critics.

I see in his eyes ,the pain of a man who lost his beloved and was denied  an opportunity to mourn the loss as his opponents tarnished his name and tried to paint his hands red. But the stoic calm and poise with which he endured those difficult times go ahead to prove that he is a hard nut beneath that compassionate exterior.And finally as does not always happen truth and justice prevailed.

This Moon with the luminosity of a thousand suns then eclipsed the sun that the British claimed never set on their Empire.  This debate brought in praise from friends and foes alike and evoked a wave of patriotism which united the nation for a while.

I see in his eyes his vision for a nation, which stands united inspite of its plurality.A nation where only  a minority of its population understands or speaks the national language and yet stands undivided inspite all the differences. His vision for an India which will have a global presence as well as regional dominance owing to the favourable demography.He does not believe in the concept of existence of a superpower but believes that India can make a worldwide presence by exercising soft power.

He has a vision for a country with equal opportunities to all her citizens, a country where every Indian will have an equal say irrespective of his religion,caste, creed, culture, cusine and conviction, also adding sexual preferences to this list.

I see in this eloquent and persuasive speaker a hardworking, sincere, honest ,warm and patriotic man, a future world leader.A leader who does not support radical ideas but is a staunch supporter of an all inclusive theory for the nation as a whole.

He is also a true feminist who holds women in high esteem, respects them and wants them to have equal opportunities in education & jobs and in every other aspect, as he believes that an educated women uplifts the entire family. People call him romantic, I still call him a feminist. Not that being labelled a romantic is something bad. But its actually a virtue on which very few Indian men can lay a  legitimate claim apart from Neel.

His is a vision for India as seen by an Indian for his fellow country men (& women). He’s been steadily gathering support for his ideologies & his thoughts.His 4.9 million certified followers are a growing proof to his popularity.

At this point, I suddenly morph into a 70yr old lady. Clad in a tricoloured saree, having a wrinkled face,  a frown on her brow and tear streaked face wearing a mask of pain. She has these bleeding wounds on her body. Neel holds both of her hands into his and says”you are in safe hands now” She then morphs back into this beautiful young woman ,her face resplendent with a long lost glow .The wounds have healed but the scars are going to take a while to fade.

I weep with joy, when I see him delivering an Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the Red fort,not in that delectable hindi of his, but in English, for language does not matter.

At this very point the alarm goes off bringing me back to reality. Oh it was just a dream! But what a dream it was! It left me hopeful  and confident of a better future.

Those chameleon eyes still haunt me.Were they blue or were they hazel.

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  2. Akash

    Who are u talking about ?? I didn’t understand .. the person .. who is he ??

    1. dingdong

      Dr Shashi Tharoor

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