A Tea Garden And A Sunset

As i sat for lunch at my favourite home made momos corner, I came across a bundle of pictures tied together with a red ribbon, 11 pics in total, each marked with a date starting from February 2014 to December 2014.
Pics of a woman around 30 approximately.
First one dated Feb 2014
Shot on what looked like a beach was of a girl with shoulder length brown hair with soft waves barely contained in a straw hat directly looking into the camera, squinting against the sun and smiling very lovingly at the person behind the camera.”Together we’ll walk to the sunset of our lives.” Read the note written in a beautiful hand.
Second Dated March 2014.
A beautiful rose garden in full bloom, the girl in a beautiful pale yellow sundress holding what looked like a picnic hamper in one hand and again the same loving smile at the person aiming the lens at her.
“The spring of my life in full bloom”. Read the note.
Third one dated April 2014.
An exceptionally bright day, the girl happily munching on a big slice of watermelon with the juice smearing her face and trickling onto her hands. Clearly she’s unaware of being shot.”The Sun shines down upon me”,  reads the note
Fourth one dated May 2014.
The Girl in a white salwar kameez with a dupatta draped over her forehead and a golden dome at the backdrop. An expression of serenity over her countenance.”A reflection of my soul”. Reads the note at the back.
Fifth one dated June 2014.
A very cloudy day, the picture a bit unclear. The girl looks a bit curvaceous here, her back to the camera and winds blowing her flowy dress and silky hair.
The note this time,”You blow away my worries, you blow my away pain”.
Sixth one dated July 2014.
The girl jumping around in a huge muddy puddle, her umbrella blown away by the wind. The rain drops glistening on her porcelain skin. The Note: “Reliving with the child within you”.
Seventh dated August 2014.
The girl again in the same white Salwar Kameez and a tricolored dupatta,  backdrop of the red forte with the Indian flag flying high on its mast. An expression of unmistaken pride on her face. Note: “White for the peace of together, orange for the joy of your love and green for our prosperity with each other”.
Eighth September 2014.
The girl glowing in the soft light of a candle, trying to blow it away, cutting a birthday cake together with what for the first time can be seen in the picture, a man’s hand. Note: “looking forward to celebrating a 100 more birthdays together”.
Ninth October 2014.
The girl looking rather shy this time. A muffled red mark on the side of her neck, looks like a love bite. Backdrop of a huge glass window illuminated with the soft lightings of the inside of a lavish room. Note:”One in soul and body”.
Tenth November 2014.
The Girl in a beautiful bridal lehenga, a mang teeka, a red chunri draping her head, red and white bangles adorning her wrists. Note: “Mine forever. For this life and if ritual be believed 7 more to come”.
Eleventh December 2014.
This one is clearly taken by someone else, the girl and for the first time the boy, rather stockily built. Her head resting on his shoulder, the sun setting  behind a distant hill with an endless tea plantation trying to reach that hill in the background.
Note: “Home is where the heart is”.
It was a pictoral love story and I felt like an intruder who had no right to intrude into this rosy dream.

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